Saturday, 13 March 2010

What a beautiful day - spent all day at the lottie. I'm pretty sure I've got sunburnt cheeks it's been so warm.

I've managed to dig over my first bed and have finally dug up the remainder of the Pink Fir Apple & Charlottes, so I now have two lovely clean beds ready for the planting season. Disappointingly both beds had a lot of bindweed in them. Feeling very pleased with myself though for making a start :)

No sign of any frogspawn yet in the pond, so I fished out some of the pondweed. The privet was really overhanging the pond so I've started cutting it back, to let a little light in.


By mid-afternoon I had a visitor ... with a bit of luck I'll have frogspawn soon:


I'm very disappointed to report that none of the seeds have germinated, other than the Cat Grass ... at least my kitties will be pleased. However, growing in the greenhouse soil I was delighted to spy lots and lots of tiny tomato seedlings ! Sadly I have no way of knowing which variety they are, but I've potted up about 10 regardless :)


I've started to dig up the Ox Eye Daisies, there are loads of young plants tho, it's obviously going to be a long job.

Right, where are those potato recipes ...