Sunday, 7 February 2010

A start ... finally !

I probably picked one of the coldest and most miserable days for my fist visit to the lottie, however, off I went, drizzle and all.

Oh my word, just look at the sorry state of it.



The good news (haha not much of that so listen up) is that it doesn't seem to have suffered any winter damage and although we've had another spate of break-ins mine has not been targetted. Inside the brick greenhouse, which is miraculously still standing, I discovered some long forgotten onions from last season :)

The right side hedge is over 10 foot again .. it grows so flippin' quickly. When it's a bit drier I'll have to devote a day to chopping it back. The new lady next door looks to have put some carpets down so maybe this year there will be some real progress next door.


The glass greenhouse has made it through the winter without any damage, but boy it needs some time and energy devoting to it. Maybe that will be next weekend's job, after all it's nearly seed sowing season. Speaking of which, my seeds have arrived .. yeay. Not got my potatoes yet as I've not really got anywhere to keep them protected from the frost, if my favourite pet shop sells out, then it'll be a trip to Wilkinson's.


During my reccie today, I've spotted absolutely loads of baby teasels growing all over the plot. I may pot up a couple for the plant sale later in the season, but most of them will be going on the weed pile.


Ox Eye Daisies are also atempting to take over the plot - I think I will easily spend half to a full day getting rid of them.


I did find a few treasures though - some spinach, lemon sorrel, jerusalem artichokes and a couple of leeks. The globe artichokes are springing back into life too.


I didn't stay for long - a combination of my foot hurting and being chilled to the bone, but it's wonderful to be back !

... and so it starts :)