Sunday, 10 April 2011

Boy I've been busy this weekend ...

... I've been very, very busy in the greenhouse potting up and sowing more seeds.

Here are my numerous and plentiful broadbeans - all three of them LOL. Still, at least they look pretty strong and healthy ... and how many broadbeans does a girl need.

I potted on my cucumbers yesterday - they gave me a heart stopping moment this morning when I opened the greenhouse door to find them drooping, but once some air was circulated they picked up. Wonder how many will die under my loving care haha. I have 16 so far, with another 8 to germinate.

These could be Burpless ... or Marketmore ... or Lemon Crystal !

Here is the aubergine I bought last weekend. It doesn't actually have a variety on the label. I potted it on yesterday and it looks OK so far. Fingers crossed - I've not really had much luck with aubergines. Maybe this is my year !!

and this is the Alaro Melon - it is looking a little poorly, I hope it pulls through.

I've resown 99million squashes - decided they are safer at home than the lottie. They've been joined by my sweetcorn. I've also resown some courgettes.

The greenhouse strawberries are in flower and some have even started to form fruits:

The greenhouse has been phenomenally hot this weekend - when I left tonight I had to water the floor to try and cool the temperature before I closed the door. I've left the vents open - I hope I don't regret it.

Outside I've been even busier. Am feeling very much like the Cheshire Cat - well I would if I had some crumble & cream to go with my rhubarb.

The new strawberry bed has been my main focus this weekend. I've taken out all the existing strawberry plants, which has meant I've been able to get rid of some couch grass and a tiny bit of bindweed. I potted up around 100 runners last year and about half have made it through the winter. Thinking I didn't have many left I bought some new plants last weekend - white Fragoo. The bed is pretty big, but amazingly I had too many for the space - I saved them for a bit in case Linda appeared, but the sun frazzled them eventually and they've gone to the compost heap. I got to use my new strawberry mats - they'll probably have blow away by my next visit.

It's looking marvellous, even if I do say so myself !

I've direct sown my peas - trying Greenshaft this season. I think they have been soaked in parrafin (hence the pink appearance). I'm hoping that this means the mice won't smell the germinating peas. I may get some tunnels though just in case. I've decided not to net them this season, as although it kept them safe last season, I couldn't actually get to them to harvest them. Nick suggested I get pea sticks instead - OH's nieces are coming to visit next week, so I will give them the task of finding some.

I've also planted out my kohl rabi, celeriac & fennel (yes I know it's early, but its been hardened off in Scarborough and believe me, it's freezing oop 'north). I've got some spares in case they get munched. I've netted the kohl rabi in case any flying rats decide to investigate.

I've sown 3 varieties of beetroot for OH - Choggia, Golden & Boltardy (even with three varieties I still have lots of packets left).

Here is part two of my grand plan ... I've taken out the first path and dug over 1.5 of the beds on the right hand side of the plot. Still got quite a bit to do, but as it was the last job of the day I was pretty darn tired and the lure of a cuppa was enough to down tools. The soil is frighteningly dry - big clouds of dust went up with every turn of the spade. You can see the late afternoon shadow - I'll have to ask Linda very nicely if she will consider chopping down the enormous white buddlia that's on her plot.

I've put some spinach into the bed, but it may be too small to survive - need to pot some up next time.

Here's the view back down the plot. Must add 'weeding the onions' to the jobs list.

The King Cup is looking truly magnificent;

and the flowers around the plot are adding some lovely bursts of colour: