Sunday, 3 April 2011

If at first you don't succeed ... cheat !!

Hmmm ... I think it best never to mention this episode again !!! Needless to say, that's the end of the wretched plastic walk-in greenhouse.

These are definitely cucumbers ... can you tell the difference in variety between the left and the right ? No ??? me neither ! Blasted kitten. The third variety hasn't appeared yet. That will just add to the fun !

Dratted little mouse has been back for a second helping of squashes and courgettes - I'll have to buy even more seeds, grrr !

This is what remains of my broadbeans after Mr Mouse has been for 2nd's and 3rd's - good job I don't like them I guess.

See that helpful label ... hmmm sunbleached. Helpful. No idea what these are. With a bit of luck they are squashes ... but I'm really not convinced. It's going really well so far LOL.

My tomatoes have appeared, but who knows that varieties they are ! Sigh.

We had a trot out to my favourite nursery at Hummanby, nr Scarborough. I got some very healthy looking Kohl Rabi, Celeriac, a rosemary busy, a melon, a pepper and an aubergine ! I think I might have missed something ? It's not cheating - it's plan b :)

Looks like I have leeks !! woohoo. Flippin' amazin' all things considered. Need to split them I think and put them into pots - maybe 30 in each - and grow them on for a while.

My frogspawn is always late - sadly not late enough to give me chance to split the yellow flag iris ... oh well, always next year !!

My flowers are adding some much needed colour to the plot - my little peoney thingy is so pretty:


King Cup:

I tendered my resignation from the allotment committee this weekend, following the latest fiasco, which has resulted in the grant money that we worked so hard to get, needing to be returned to the funding body. I cannot cope with the inefficiency and total incompetency of some of the members, who seem to live on a different planet to those of us who are passionate about making the allotment site better. 6 of us resigned in total. I'm lead to believe the other half of the committee were totally oblivious. It's like a weight has been lifted - I'll have so much more free time to devote to my lottie now. Onward and upward !