Sunday, 17 April 2011

Not even Easter yet ...

Finally out of jobs to do, I've had to turn my attention to the final big dig. I'm in unchartered territory ! The soil is dreadfully compacted and the area where we've had a couple of big fires is totally barren - I think I'll have to give it some serious feed. Yet again I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself :)

This is the view from the other end of the bed, with the compost heap behind me. I reckon I've got a full weekend of digging left to do.

Yesterday I finished digging over the top bed - I still need to put paths in, but at least the hard work is done:

I've also weeded the brick bed and under the jungle of weeks I discovered some of last years onions !

In the greenhouse things are going quite well - only one cucumber casualty so far ... no sign of my crystal lemon yet.

A day trip to Whitby on Friday with OH's nieces resulted in 12 Ailsa Craig tomato plants ... nearly double the size of mine ... and best of all, I definitely know what variety they are :)

I germinated my sweetcorn at home and they are nearly all through - hope I haven't made the wrong decision moving them to the lottie. Hope the meeces leave them alone:

I uncovered the compost heap this morning to discover that a little mouse has been munching his way around a pumpkin. Said little mouse / vole was darting about looking very surprised to see me. Still I'd rather he munch his way around my compost heap than munch his way through my greenhouse, right ?

I've potted up some mint and need to find a spot outside for it. I love mint tea and minty buttery potatoes ... slurp ... wonder when those potatoes will appear. Nick's were planted the same weekend and have been poking above the soil for a week - we've concluded that mine were planted much deeper.

Spare seedlings ... just in case ! Celariac, fennel & kohl rabi. They are all doing quite well in the ground so far, but you never know when a flying rat or dratted slug might appear.

Outside, things are blossoming - this is the 'rogue' tree behind the greenhouse. Last year it produced two apples - yes, two ! Nick pointed out that it had canker on two of it's larger branches, so after lopping them off, I'm left with just two blossoms ! Hmm ...

At least my bramley apple is covered in blossom - I hope that the tree does better than last year, which was a little dismal. I love Apple blossom, it is so pretty. The crab apple is also in full flower - alas I now think it is a 'flowering crab apple' vs a 'crab apple' tree ... it would explain why I've not yet had any fruit ! I may move it next season to the pond area - at least I'll be able to admire it.

My blueberries are budding up nicely - think at the end of the season I'll need to think about pruning them.

My dwarf aquilegia is looking fabulous:

My lupin gets better each year - Nick asked me what colour it is, but I have no idea ! Guess we'll find out soon enough - I've promised to save him some seed: