Wednesday, 27 April 2011

nope, not even a tenuous link to allotmenting or gardening !

But I'm sure you'll forgive the diversion ... I'm taking part in The MoonWalk London 2011, which takes place during May and raises money for Breast Cancer research and support.

For those of you who are not familiar with The Moonwalk, it is a 26 mile walk - it starts at midnight and thousands of women and a few brave men will walk through the night ... in our bras !! (yes, even the men). I believe we will follow the London Marathon course ... in a much more sedate fashion of course.

I'm walking with a couple of friends and we've yet to decorate said bras ... am waiting for some inspiration. As the walk takes place during the night and May is not well known for heatwaves, I may be recommending fashioning something out of fake fur LOL !!

I've raised over £300 so far and I believe my employer is going to give me an additional £150 !! Wow wow wow. I'm hoping to reach £500 and am well on target.

I've set up an online donation site with JustGiving .. feel free to sponsor me if you feel so inclined .. I've added the link at the bottom.

OH and I went to the Mumbles for the long Easter weekend and I managed to get a couple of 10 mile practice walks in along the coast - what an amazingly beautiful part of the world ... I'd recommend it if you get the chance to visit ... I could have walked forever with this sort of scenery :)

One of the many secluded bays - accessible by dingy / kayak only !

The daisies were loving the heat-wave that is almost an annual event now in the UK during April. Lovely to see so many butterflies and beautiful countryside flowers enjoying the sunshine:

Many thanks !