Sunday, 22 May 2011

'cor it's just been rush, rush, rush down at the lottie. The recent temperatures have been too much for the potbound plants in the greenhouse and they have suffered scorching. So this weekend it was my intention to plant out all of my beans - purple runners and borlotto, squashes, pumpkins and sweetcorn.

Sweetcorn - check ! ... now safely planted - the ones at the front have been in plastic cups and have grown much bigger than the ones in root trainers - so note to self for next season ... plastic cups are the future. Following my commercial sweetcorn snooping, I've planted them much closer this season - will be interesting to see if it makes any difference whatsoever.

After yet another trip to B&Q to get yet more canes (where do they go every year !!) I finally manged to finish planting out my beans - these are purple (such attention to labelling I hear you cry). I planted them out today, in the gale force wind !!! The beans I planted out yesterday have been battered completely and lost most of their leaves ... hope they pull through. Sigh

The recent sunshine and rain have seen my potatoes recovering well from their frost bite - just hope with the mix of weather we've had lately that the dreaded blight doesn't appear. Hopefully it's still a bit early in the season.

No where on earth are my leeks going to go !! I've just about run out of space - still got 99 million leeks, 6 courgettes, couple more squashes, 5 globe artichokes and about another 15 potatoes to find a home for

Here's my last hope LOL. I've also got my brick bed - maybe the leeks will go there and the small space in front of the greenhouse ... maybe my courgettes will squeeze in there. That means artichokes will be going here. Hmm !!

Drastic times call for drastic measures - so I've decided to try vertical integration again for my squashes in an effort to plant them all. Do I think it will work ? no, not at all - but it's always good to have an optimistic outlook on life right ?

Having failed miserably on the manure front I had a brainwave this morning .... why not plant my squashes in compost from my compost heap ! Brilliant idea. After filling a barrow full I noticed a bee - that quickly turned into a few ... seems I have bees nesting in my compost heap !!! blummin' typical - guess that's the end of the heap until winter. Unfortunately I also have bees nesting in my kitchen roof at home - any ideas how to get rid of them without just filling in the hole and killing them ?

Anyway, the little compost I got looks great, well I thought it did:

The greenhouse is now fully planted up with cucumbers, melon, tomatoes & sacrificial flowers - I've been enjoying strawberries for the last week or so - yum ! It's pretty hot in their during the day, but the temperatures are still dropping at night, so the door will remain shut for now:

My apple tree is dripping ... but sadly I have forgotten to buy it a tree stake, so it is currently doubled over and suffering greatly with the wind ! Note to self - must try harder ...