Friday, 6 May 2011

what's with the crazzee weather !!

So on Easter Saturday apparently Sheffield had a deluge of rain in a very short space of time that was followed by 3" hail stones (indeed, the son of one of my friends apparently collected them up and popped them into the freezer to "save them for later" ... as you do LOL), the hail was follows by flash floods and then the floods were followed by blazing sunshine

Since then we've had the odd cloud darken the sky, but basically it's been unbroken sunshine for two weeks. The days are hot, the nights cold and the soil is like dust - dust I tell you !

There was a mid-week splatter which just about wet the car windscreen, but little more - not even worth mentioning.

So off I go to water the greenhouse tonight to discover that we have had frost this week ! Enough to burn the potatoes, cucumbers & squashes :(

as if that wasn't enough, I foolishly uncovered the khol rabi at the weekend and in effect left out a buffet for the flying rats !! grrrr

At least my beans are germinating nicely - moved the majority up to the lottie tonight - the black tray are borlotto and the red tray are saved beans from last season ... only I can't remember whether they are purple beans, canelloni or borlotto !!

It's getting pretty busy in the greenhouse, but any thoughts I had of planting the more tender items outside have definitely been put on hold. The frost has got quite a few plants - we'll just have to wait and see if they manage to grow through it

Latest news from my fundraising efforts - I have raised almost £1,000 !!! unbelieveable - thank you to everyone who has supported me xx