Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Loonies R us !!

So the day of the Moonwalk finally arrived ... and with it went the last of the Spring sun - of course !

We arrived in London on Saturday afternoon to a fanfare of drizzle and rain. Great. Checked the Met forecast ... rain easing into wind ! Super. LOL. Just about perfect weather for getting your kit off and trotting round London half naked.

His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales is the Charity's Patron and sent us a special message - disappointingly he didn't have a decorated bra on: clickity-click

Then at 11.40pm it was time for us to set off. Into the dark we went, resplendent in our decorated bras and plastic ponchos !

15,000 men & women in decorated bras is quite a sight - we went for traditional pink, but there were some amazing creations

Here's the route:

I don't actually remember most of it - between the dark and sleep deprivation ! It was impossible to go any faster than a stroll for the first 8-10 miles due to the sheer amount of walkers.

We got held up a few times - 5-15 mins to cross various roads, 25 mins to queue for the loo !! But Tower Bridge was quite spectacular - especially when we nearly got blown off it. Once the route split and the half marathoner's turned off, we were able to speed up to our target 4 miles an hour.

My friend started to weep with tiredness at around the 17 mile mark which was worrying, she looked in so much pain, but we kept going.

Dawn broke and at around 5am we passed a lone Chelsea Pensioner who'd come out to pay tribute to us all. The sun continued to rise and welcomed us back past Buckingham Palace and then into Hyde Park with warming rays. We had a lovely reception as we approached the last mile with everyone's friends and family cheering us on ... until finally at 7.30am we crossed the finish line

... but cross the finish line we did and here is the evidence !!

It was pretty gruelling and as we passed the finish line we swore we wouldn't do it again, but after some stretching, a good nights sleep and a curry it's amazing how you find yourself thinking 'well it wasn't that bad after all ....'

Feel absolutely fine now (well apart from my 'broken' heel which is complaining very loudly, but it'll get over it some time soon) and what has made it all worthwhile is the incredible sponsorship that I've managed to raise with everyone's help - my latest fundraising efforts stand at an incredible £1,182.50, with the promise of a few more pounds in the post ! My friend is also around the thousand mark - a pretty good show all in all.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me - you are all amazing :)