Monday, 30 May 2011

did someone mention killer cucumbers

who would have thought - organic too !! Will be watching with interest to see how they got infected. Pretty frightening - absolute kidney failure:

I've been away for a couple of days and worried about my beans and squashes in the recent gales I asked OH to pop up and check them.

Me - 'how are my beans'
OH - 'ummm, what do they look like' ...
me -'see the canes sticking out of the ground ... they are planted at the bottom of each cane'
.. OH - 'oh' ..
me - 'well?'
.. OH - 'ummm, they look greeny' ...
me - 'right ... what about the squashes'
OH - 'what do they look like'
dear god
me - 'they are next to the sticky things - planted in the ground'
OH 'oh'
me - 'well !!!'
OH 'ummmm, they look greeney too - everything looks green. I think it is all growing'.
me - 'are they windburnt'
OH - 'what does that look like'
right. Sigh. Nevermind.

A quick reccie tonight has put my mind at rest - I'll definitely lose some of the beans, but all in all they are doing pretty well, especially the purple ones. Will just have to wait and see what my borlotto's do. Squashes all look surprisingly healthy still and my courgettes which I'd potted up, but hadn't planted also look pretty good. The weeds have gone barmey they are loving all this rain.

Got a nice surprise in the greenhouse - 850g of strawberries ... I'm halfway to jam :) They are now in the fridge covered in sugar. Wonder what I did with all my jars !


  1. He's a natural gardener isn't he, LOL ;>) Next time get him to email/text you a photo - he can do that bit! Very envious of the strawberries, I had two on Saturday. Let me know if you need any jars, I have a few...

  2. Your jars are in my cupboard!!!
    Haha ...and I thought Himself was bad! :)

  3. How could you resist not eating those lovely fresh strawberries straight away! Yes all of them!