Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Control - we've reached base camp

OH spent the day at the lottie yesterday and managed to finish the greenhouse base - it looks brilliant (and is dead level !) Next job is to get some breeze blocks to give a little more growing height inside and then glaze it.

... honestly anyone would think it was hard work .... 2007-04-09  Greenhouse Base Complete  022  copy

Whilst OH was preparing the greenhouse base I was preparing the strawberry patch which is directly in front of the greenhouse. Got the area dug over (no mean feat at that end of the plot) and transplanted the strawberries from their temporary home further up the plot.

2007-04-09  Allotment Stawberry Bed  016  copy

One of my neighbours has their strawberries in impressive lines, so I thoughts I'd copy them and before I knew it my strawberry patch had turned into a strawberry bed ! We were both a bit speechless once they were all planted.

2007-04-09  Allotment Stawberry Bed  022 Sharpd Puncy Colours copy

Need to make a cage to protect them from the birds next - we didn't get even one last year ...
2007-04-09  Allotment Stawberry Bed  024  copy