Sunday, 1 April 2007

... not so cute anymore ...

Remember my cute vole family from last year ? Well now I appear to have a mouse family. So far they have eaten: 120 marigolds, 20 sweetpeas,, one unopened packet of peas, 30 sunflowers, 5 peppers, 2 tomatoes, 2 aubergines, 8 cucumbers (@ £3.99 x 2 packets), 30 sweetcorn, 8 butternut squash (no seeds left now), row of peas planted direct (under fleece), one packet of broadbeans planted direct and a couple of seed potatoes. Strangely they don't want to know about the cabbages or cauliflowers - both of which I'd gladly sacrifice to save the above.

2007-03-31 allotment 009 copy

I say mouse family, in the hope that they are meeces and not ratties. The droppings are definitely mouse sized but today I saw the mousey - once I'd stopped shrieking I set about frightening it away - it was flippin' big for a mouse and looked more like a young rat ... eek, maybe we were a bit hasty burning down the rat-barn.