Sunday, 8 April 2007

Slip sliding away

here's a photo of some of my sweet potato slips
2007-04-08  Sweet Slips  007  copy

I need to seek advice on how and when to remove them from the potatoes. They will then need to go into water to develop roots. Once they've got roots I'll pot them up and keep them inside until they are planted out at the very end of May.

2007-04-08  Sweet Slips  008  copy

At the moment it looks as though I'll get 17 if they all survive - I think last year I planted out 15 and got quite a good crop. Unfortunately it's not just me and OH that find them irresistible - not sure if the holes are slugs or other creepies.

The bed they are going in this year has had manure stood on it for a while, so it should be nice and rich and will hopefully have the new greenhouse in front of it, so it should be toasty too. I'll plant them under black landscape material again (to keep the heat in and also let the rain in) and then leave them as long as I can resist.

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