Sunday, 1 April 2007

Weeds !

If weed growing was an olympic sport, I would most definitely be the winner. Here's a selection of my worst: bindweed, thistle, bramble and a tiny bit of couch - managed to fill another wheelbarrow full this afternoon. Its quite difficult disposing of it - most of it has gone on bonfires recently, but I've nothing left to burn, so am piling it up on the old rat-barn base. Not ideal, but I'm hoping it'll dry in the sun and die. There has been some debate on one of the lottie forums recently about similar roots - the thistle and the bindweed are practically indistinguishable at the moment ...

2007-03-31 allotment 059 copy

Now this is a very strange weed - it has an enormous tap root and from memory has a pale lilac flower. It's coming through from the allotment at the bottom of mine. I'll sray it with round up, but as with all of my nasties, it usually makes a super recovery. 2007-03-31 allotment 060 copy