Sunday, 22 April 2007


well I never, yesterday when I visited the lottie I discovered a skip had been delivered to the car park. Seems it was filled on the first day (Friday), but there is an area next to it, inviting us to pile up unwanted stuff.

The car park has become a bit of a tipping ground recently for what looks like household rubbish, vs allotment rubbish, so presumably it is a one off to tidy up the area.

I donated a wooden box of rubbish left over from the ratty shed, a paint tin (contents unknown), the hessian cocoa bean sacks (which I'm sure attracted my mouse / rat), a bucket full of broken glass, and old window frame and various bits of rusty barbed wire and metal. I took it down to the car park in the wheelbarrow, picking up the rubbish that seems to be taking over the lane, and a mouse (definitely a mouse) jumped out of the wheelbarrow ... hmm, wonder if he was in the sacks after all.