Sunday, 1 April 2007

Normal service is resumed

Finally life seems to be back to normal - I spent all day at the lottie in the beautiful sunshine and got loads done. Considering that very little has been done recently, it is looking pretty good. I'm behind with my digging, but hopefully will catch up at Easter - weather permitting of course !

Strawberries which will go in the new fruit bed, once the greenhouse has been done (OH actually started on the base today)
2007-03-31 allotment 056 copy The parsley has overwintered extremely well
2007-03-31 allotment 055 copy
wallflowers still going strong 2007-03-31 allotment 054 copy

Garlic - looking a little windburnt, I also think it may need feeding as its going a little yellow
2007-03-31 allotment 049 copy

Foxglove - gorgous pink last year, hoping for the same this year (can you see the spider) 2007-03-31 allotment 044 copy

Globe artichoke - gawd, it's huge. Its just had a birthday - now one year old
2007-03-31 allotment 040 copy

One of the 13 broadbeans that the meeces decided to leave for me ... it annoys me everytime I look at the bed - huge gaps everywhere. I've filled the gaps with new beans, but the meeces just come for seconds. This time I've put beans into cells and I've taken them home to germinate in safety 2007-03-31 allotment 037 copy undiscovered peas 2007-03-31 allotment 088 copy

The rhubarb is making an appearance 2007-03-31 allotment 073 copy

This year I'm intending to introduce a lot more flowers into the allotment, especially around the pond to try and give a little protection / shelter to whatever decides to move in. I've sown some cyclamen,but nothing has happened, so I bought this plant a couple of weeks ago. It has the most gorgeous markings on its leaves - not sure whether I've missed the flowers.

2007-03-31 allotment 031 copy

Cowslips - one of my favourite flowers. Again I've sown some seeds, but nothing has happened with them yet. Got 6 plants for £1.50 to give some colour down the herb path.

2007-04-01  Allotment  007 copy

Pink forget-me-knots ... I'm sure they were blue last year .... 2007-03-31 allotment 021 copy

this is the lottie next door to me, which has not been worked since I took on mine (over a year now) ... any takers ... 2007-03-31 allotment 090 copy 2007-03-31 allotment 089 copy

lottie on the other side: 2007-03-31 allotment 092 copy
and mine 2007-03-31 allotment 094 copy