Saturday, 11 April 2009

Day 2 ...

Well it wasn't so much of a sunny start today, but at least the rain held off all day.

The day started with hunt the manure around the garden centre (oh shush Rob, I can hear you tutting). The staff were clueless and as I about-turned to strop off to another shop I literally walked right past it ... nestled next to the play bark.

It took me ages to prepare the strawberry bed - in fact its taken all afternoon. I've thoroughly dug over the bed to get rid of the bindweed and couch grass. Although the stawberries were great last year, the bed didn't really work very well, so I've decided to make a couple of raised beds with my pallet collars. They have been filled with manure and compost and look quite good. I've put a path inbetween them so it should be easier to harvest the fruit. Hopefully it will be easier to manage the plants too.

One of my dancing friends turned up mid-afternoon, armed with tools and gloves ! He has fixed my glass greenhouse and it is now glazed again - we didn't have enough glass, so he has cut down some sheets of perspex - it looks brilliant. He has done loads of tidying and moving for me and I'm assured he'll be back tomorrow to help dismantle the potting shed :)

Here is my list of jobs to do for the rest of the week:

- Dig over glass greenhouse borders & manure
- Sow all seeds
- Transplant the self seeded phacelia to somewhere
- Make a path to the pond
- Plant my King Edwards
- Dig over bed 1 & 2
- Dig over the beds in front of the potting shed
- Dig up the Jerusalem Artichokes
- Sieve the compost heap
- Plant up the last raspberry canes
- Dig over the jungle

Apparently when the lotties were broken into recently some of Rocco's chickens were taken and the rest of them were left to the foxes. It seems its the second time its happened since he took over his lottie, so he is not going to get any more. He has put his name onto the waiting list for the empty allotment next to him ... apparently he is 160th on the list, even though its not been worked for 4 years. How ridiculous is that.

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