Sunday, 12 April 2009

That was Day 3 ...

So far, so good, no sunshine today, but no rain either.

Said friend turned up as promised with trailor :) so we filled it with lots of lottie crap and took it all to the tip. The lottie looks much tidier now - its surprising how much crap you acquire that you think might be useful some day, but actually turns out to be just crap after all !

There is a reason that I always wear long trousers, boots and gloves when I'm at the lottie - look at the state of my friend after yesterday's run in with rampant brambles ... ouch. Completely bonkers, I'd never dream of wearing shorts or sandals at the lottie LOL.

2009-04-12  Allotment   022

The revamped strawberry bed is finally finished and looking pretty good. All I need to do now is decide what to do with the half wheelbarrow of spare plants that was left over ... I know they look crammed in, but I've added 50l of manure to each collar to keep them happy. I'll give them a seaweed feed tomorrow to perk them up a bit.

2009-04-12  Allotment   002

The pond is getting lots of visitors:

2009-04-11  Frogs  014

2009-04-12  Frogs  005

The potting shed has finally been demolished. Apparently it was very easy - too easy - to take apart.

2009-04-12  Allotment   006

There wasn't much worth saving:

2009-04-12  Allotment   011

One of the walls has been used as a temporary barrier between me and the unworked plot next door. Its not terribly strong, but hopefully it will be enough of an obstacle to deter any unwanted visitors. It looks so different without the potting shed. Need to get one with my plans for replacing it.

2009-04-12  Allotment  120

OH turned up part way through the demolition, as we'd set the fire going. The boys then ran aroud the lottie looking for anything and everything they could burn- including Ken's hedge trimmings (boy is he going to be surprised when he turns up tomorrow). As the sun began to set, we sat for a while eating Domino's Pizza & drinking cider until it got dark.

As we were packing up to go, we were stopped by the police who were patrolling the lottie ! I was amazed to see them, apparently they patrol quite regularly after dark. They were a little suprised to see us too I think.

2009-04-12  Allotment   054

A nice ending to a great day ... bring on day 4 :)

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  1. Re day 2, I'm not tutting at all, I put my stawberries in with bagged manure as well! Maybe not that close together though...