Saturday, 18 April 2009

Day 9

I popped in to see Jenny this morning and found her on her hands and knees starting to plant hundreds of peas. I'm always intrigued by what other people plant. Feeling inspired by her success of sowing them into trays, in the greenhouse, I've also popped my last packet of Kelvedon Wonder into trays. Hopefully they will be safe from the meeces.

I didn't do much today, a bit of pottering, digging and watering. The broccoli is the first of my recently sown seeds to germinate, no sign of anything else appearing yet. I've finally managed to plant my King Edwards - I've put them into the old Jerusalem Artichoke bed.

Jenny arrived with some spare peas which were welcomed with open arms - they are now snugly tucked up next to the beetroot. I've netted them and also the red cabbages to keep away the pesky pigeons .. Ken made me laugh when he told me that he intends to sow / plant out his stuff 2 weeks after I've planted mine, so that the pigeons dine out on my plot and leave his alone ... ha ha .. hmm, actually, doesn't sound like a bad plan

... I called in to see Jenny on my way home to find she had just finished planting her fabulous peas! She has hundreds :) I think she will be aching tomorrow.