Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Easter project

well they have stood me in good stead, but they are more than a little dilapidated and their number has been called ... I've got a week off over Easter so my trusty potting shed will be ceremoniously demolished.

2009-04-06  Allotment 019

The brick greenhouse also needs urgent attention, its been broken into a couple of times and the brick work is starting to be damaged. The plan is to take off the roof and put in a new roof frame. This is the state of some of the frame:

2009-04-06  Allotment 022

A friend has promised to come and help me, so keep your fingers crossed that the sun shines for me.


  1. Good luck with that. Let me know how the greenhouse goes, I'm still trying to decide whether to do something like that with my brick base.

  2. Good luck, don’t forget to pack your self copious amounts of tea and coffee! Also make sure on your new roof into one of the beams you carve your name, and the date… something to look back on in 'X' years when your telling your grandkids about it! Ha ha
    Make sure you take lots of piccys too!