Monday, 13 April 2009

Starting to flag ! Day 4

I've had a very quiet day at the lottie today. I finally got around to sowing my seeds. So far I've sown:

10 x Avalon Squash
6 x Winter Festival Squash
6 x Sunshine Squash
6 x Jack Be Little pumpkins
6 x Courgettes Nano Verde Di Milano (long)
6 x Courgettes Tondo Di Toscana (round)
5 x Costoloro Genovese Tomato
5 x Roma Tomato
5 x Sweet Olive Tomato
5 x Canteloupe Melon
5 x Sweetheart Melon
5 x Temptation Melon
5 x Gypsy Pepper
5 x Worldbeater Pepper
5 x Big Banana Pepper
18 x Blauhilde Climbing Beans
20 x Blue Lake Climbing Beans
20 x Borlotto Lingua d Fuoco (firetongue)
20 x Bush Bean Impero Bianco (Canellino Beans)
8 x Phaseolus Vulgaris 'Yin Yang' Beans
38 x Swift Sweetcorn
Early Purple Sprouting Broccoli
4 x Crystal Lemon Cucumbers


I hope the bloody mice don't have a midnight raid. I have no idea where all these wonderful things are going to go once they start growing - I only have 5 spare beds left, still I'll worry about that later - it usually works out. I still need to direct sow my carrots, beetroot, salad crops, herbs and some more peas.

I've planted out the broad beans, some of them were still germinating, but I needed the space in the greenhouse LOL, so they are fending for themselves.


I also decided to plant out my red cabbage and some of the kohl rabi today - they have gone into bed 1, which I gave a quick dig over first. I need to get or make some cabbage collars - wonder if I'll need some for the cauliflowers too ? Can't wait for my first cauliflower biryani :-p


Last night's bonfire was still crackling gently when I arrived and finally, after a couple of hours, I couldn't resist and fed it some twigs, they promptly burst into flame ... it was still gently burning when I left.

fire ashes

I made the tiniest start on the jungle, but whether my energy is ebbing or whether it was the thought of all that digging, I decided I'd had enough, and headed for home. The big lushious green patch to the left of the bed is my original weed heap ... sigh


I hope I've not been seduced too soon - I shall be keeping a close eye on weather forecast for the slightest hint of frost !


  1. If that was a quiet day you'd be positively manic on a busy day!!!