Sunday, 19 April 2009

Finally ... Day 10 !

Well today was the last day of my holiday and its been a scorcher all day.

Nick was back from his hols, so we've actually spent most of the day chatting over the hedge and wandering around each others plots admiring all of our hard work and weeds ! He was very impressed with my newly repaired greenhouse and has decided that he is going to do the same with some spare perspex that he has sitting around.

In between chatting, I've managed to sow some salad leaves, spinach, rocket and some butternut squash. Nick has given me some tomatoes and I planted the Alicante, Ox Heart & Marmande into the greenhouse borders today. There are also 4 Yellow Pefection which need to grow a little bit more before being planted - and I don't have any space yet, 'cos my seeds are all germinating in the the greenhouse.

I tidied up the herb path and planted up the green sage, purple sage and rosemary plants. The Bay tree, which has been looking a little sad of late, has been repotted and so has the Fatsia Japonica - which is definitely looking rather worse for wear ... mainly due to operator error (I forgot to take it inside over winter). Both have had a seaweed feed, so hopefully they'll perk up shortly.

The crab apple tree's blossom has started to open - I hope we don't have any late frosts or terrible winds - I'm really looking forward to crab apple jelly this summer :


  1. I was checking my blog from this time last year and we did have a late frost in the first week of April, I think this killed off a lot of fruit, especially the plums. Everything looks good this year and my crab apple is just coming into flower too. Let's hope for a scorcher"!

  2. well today on the way to work I nearly crashed the car when I spied one of the low lying fields that was covered in frost. I think the lottie has been OK so far ... I have my fingers crossed.

  3. I have made a royal labelling blunder too.

    Have planter cucumbers, Summer squash, pumpkins and marrows in the same root trainer.

    I did label them up but silly me did it in felt tip so the first time I watered them the ink ran and I have no idea which is which.